Manifesto On Time

5th March 2020 as part of Design Criticism


  • Karla Guttierez
  • Pauline Piguet
  • Adrian Demleitner

The manifesto came into being after we had a fruitful discussion on invasive technologies. We felt, that there is an aspect of unquestioned aspect of optimization. We wanted to counter that aspect with a call for meaningfulness.


0 We feel trapped/oppressed by time
1 We want to use our time as we decide
2 We do not need more time, we want less to do
3 Less to do means more possibility for the meaningful *
4 We need real time (for us) not real time (information transfer)
5 We want to live after rhythm, no schedule
6 We don’t want a digital assistant, we want self-reliance [We don’t want a display partner, we want ourselves as partner]
7 We want to decide ourselves, when and what to forget
8 Lose track of time (Lose time. Take time)

WE: the ones “users” of the unnecessary TIME/DATA. the ones demanding meaningful experience. the ones aware of the unwanted.