Texts and Talks

Things I wrote

Date Title Where published
Sep 2022 Geschichten zur Aneignung und Entfremdung von Elektroschrott Vigia Tech Mag
Feb 2022 Between working repositories and cold-storage long-term archives Uni Seminar
Feb 2022 Trees Uni Seminar
Jul 2021 Häuser besetzen, Strassen bestickern Slap Me Baby Sticker Mag
Feb 2018 Cyborgs and the Humanities Avenu Mag
Apr 2014 Hacking als Strategie BA Thesis

Things I talked about

Date Title Where presented
Mai 2022 Inclusive and Participatory Interfaces for Photo Archives as New Research Opportunity Photo Archives VIII
Mai 2021 From methods to practice DHCH 2022
Sep 2020 things are people too Reclaim Futures Festival 2020
Jul 2018 Liturgy for Electronic Waste 8th Inter-format Symposium on Rites and Terrabytes
Jul 2018 Rotting Speculations
Nov 2017 Meditations on Artificial Intelligence IAMAI. Bots and other Humanoids
Sep 2017 Smart Curation - Algorithmic Phenomenology