Adrian Demleitner (he/him). My subjects of interests cover permacomputing and poetic technologies, queer politics, archival practices and game studies. I studied industrial design at Hyperwerk (Basel, CH) and recently acquired a MA in design research at MAD HKB (Bern, CH). My last few positions involved being a scientific software programmer in a research project on participatory image archives at the University of Basel and enjoying a position as junior researcher at the Institute of Experimental Design and Media Cultures in a project on electronic waste.

Since 2023 I’m working on my dissertation in the field of digital humanities and video game studies within the research project Confoederatio Ludens, where I inquire video game graphics programming practices in the 1980ies and -90ies. I’m looking at games’ source code through critical code studies and the resulting image on screen through design research, and ask how and why people engaged with the limits and potentials in early video game development.