+41 76 681 1337 / adrian@thgie.ch

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Junior Researcher at Times of Waste Jan. 16 – Mar. 18

Managing digital sphere and archive of project. Developing digital tools for collaboration, communication and curation to work with digital objects.

Concepting and developing of the wastescapes audiowalk.

Working as Webdeveloper, specialised on frontend coding, since 1999

Managing client relationships Planing and concepting projects and estimates Realizing frontends of websites and webapps Integrations into CMS Administration Webserver


B.A. Postindustrial Design

Interdisciplinary Studies Design, Marketing, Technology


Jurymitglied Migros-Kulturprozent Digitale Kultur: Werkbeiträge 2016-18

Active participant at the Smart Curation Symposium and Colloqium 2017

Passive-active member at Mensa Switzerland since 2007